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Makua Coffee Company

If you've been to the Kamuela Farmers Market on a Saturday then you've met Stacy and Dylan Aurway! They are the master roasters that own and operate Makua Coffee Company. With a certified roasting facility in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, they are just minutes from some of the world's superior coffee farms. Larger-than-life personalities and coffee aficionado taste buds ensure every cup of Makua Coffee Company 100% Kona Coffee are outrageously good.
Stacy and Dylan Aurway of Makua Coffee Company at the Kamuela Farmers Market

Stacy and Dylan Aurway of Makua Coffee Company at the Kamuela Farmers Market

Experience, Roasting Equipment, and Quality Kona Coffee Beans Matter

A combination of second-generation roasting skills, a Sivetz roaster, and the highest quality Kona coffee beans make Makua Coffee Company's roasts award-winning. The Sivetz fluid bed roaster has a hot air convection process. The design of the machine and Stacy and Dylan's expertise operating it results in a consistent and even coffee. They are medal winners at the North American Roasters Competition, aka the Golden Bean. Kona's preeminent coffee farms source all green beans roasted making all their coffees 100% Kona. Makua Coffee Company Medal Winners at the Golden Bean, North American Roasters Competition

Kona Coffee

Hawaii is the only state in the USA that commercially produces coffee. Coffee grows on farms across Hawaii--from small family farms to large estates. Kona has it all though, from tree to cup. Only coffee that grows in Kona’s north and south districts are Kona Coffee. Kona is on Hawaii Island’s leeward side. Fertile volcanic soil, gentle rains, and afternoon cloud cover provide perfect growing conditions. It all contributes to what makes 100% Kona coffee so outstanding. The first commercial coffee trees were planted in the area in the 1840s. Over time, coffee has become a part of the region’s lifestyle and economy. Harvest can start as early as July and finish as late as January. The bulk of the crop, however, yields from September through December. Highly experienced pickers ensure that only the best beans make it to the roaster. Makua Coffee Company roasts each bean perfectly. Then established cafes in the region set the stage for the shining cup with their expert baristas. The rich, robust aroma and smooth, savory flavor of Kona Coffee set it aside from all other coffees.
Makua Coffee Company Roasting Equipment in their certified Kailua-Kona Location

Makua Coffee Company Roasting Equipment