Kona Coffee

100% Kona Coffee with Outstanding Flavor

No Blends. No Junky Filler Coffee Beans.

Makua Coffee Company 100% Kona Coffee starts with the highest quality coffee beans grown in Kona, Hawaii. Roasting and packaging take place at our certified facility with techniques passed down in the family.

Makua Coffee Company Golden Bean North America Winning Roasts

Makua Coffee Company Medal Winners at the Golden Bean, North American Roasters Competition

 Makua Extra Fancy Medium Roast
2015 Bronze in Full Emersion Filter (French Press)

Makua Extra Fancy Dark Roast
2016 Bronze in North America Grown, Espresso with milk

Makua CO2 Decaf Dark Roast
2016 Bronze Decaf

Our medium roast is vibrant and bright with a higher caffeine content. It’s terrific black, and it’s the perfect breakfast coffee. The dark roast is deep, rich, and robust. Great for an after-dinner beverage or in an espresso.

As a result of the CO2 decaffeination method that our beans undergo, you will savor flavor complexities in our decaf.

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