Medium Roast Coffees

The medium roast is vibrant and bright with a higher caffeine content, the perfect breakfast coffee.

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  • Medium Roast 100% Kona Coffee


    Our medium roast is bright and vibrant, allowing subtle flavor nuances to shine, perfect for the black coffee drinker.

  • Extra Fancy Medium Roast Kona Coffee


    Only the largest and nicest beans can be called Extra Fancy, the top grade according to the Hawaii Department of Agriculture. This coffee is rich and smooth with a deep finish. This medium roast is available in whole bean or ground.

  • Peaberry Medium Roast Kona Coffee


    Coffee grows as two beans in a single cherry each with a flat and round side. In a Peaberry however only one bean forms filling the entire cherry, producing a round bean about the size of a pea, thus the name “Peaberry”.

    Peaberry only accounts for 4-6% of the crop, limiting its availability. Fans say the single bean has twice the flavor of a traditional flat bean. This medium roast is available in whole bean or ground.

  • Decaf Medium Roast Kona Coffee


    Yes you can get 100% Kona in Decaf. This coffee is only available in a medium- dark roast, whole bean or ground.

  • Single Serve K-cup Alternative


    Ditch the K-cup craze and try a delectable single serve coffee that delivers flavor and savings. Each pouch contains one brew bag of coffee. No need for a big expensive machine simply add hot water and your done.