Makua Coffee Company Chocolate Coffee Beans - Semi Sweet covered peaberry beans 8 oz bag

Makua Coffee Company Chocolate Covered Peaberry – Semi Sweet


Chocolate Coffee Beans – Ultimate Decadence

Silky semi-sweet chocolate paired with our rarest and most delicious Kona coffee bean, the Peaberry. The ultimate pick-me-up.



Chocolate Coffee Beans – Ultimate Decadence

Our chocolate coffee beans are a unique and decadent treat. They’re a pairing of high-quality semi-sweet chocolate and our rarest and most delicious Kona coffee bean, the Peaberry. These beans are¬†twice as flavorful of regular coffee beans and about the size of a pea, thus the name peaberry.

  • Locally Grown Kona Coffee Peaberry Beans
  • Perfectly Roasted in Our Certified Facility
  • Covered in Silky Semi-Sweet Chocolate
  • 1.5 oz or 8 oz
  • Resealable Bag

First, we give the beans a robust dark roast. Then we hand them over to a local chocolatier for a silky-smooth semi-sweet chocolate covering. Also available is a 50/50 mix of semi-sweet and white chocolate. Enjoy with a cup of Makua Coffee 100% Kona Coffee Peaberry for the ultimate pick-me-up.

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1.5 ounce bag ($3), 8 ounce bag ($10)


  1. Dave Trombino

    Got some of these at the farmers market, but didn’t open them until we got home to California. They were gone in a week – I can’t get enough. Great chocolate and the peaberries are crunchy and SMALL, MUCH better than regular espresso beans. So until we can get back to the Big Island and the farmers market, I’ll just have to order online.

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