Makua Coffee Company 100% Kona Coffee Decaf Medium-Dark Roast


Golden Bean NA Bronze Winner! 100% Kona Coffee Decaf

Medium-dark roast and CO2 decaffeination method — you savor pure coffee flavor with every sip.


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5 pound bag ($220) 8 ounce bag ($23) 1 pound bag ($45)
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Irresistibly Full of Flavor – 100% Kona Coffee Decaf

Golden Bean North America 2016 Bronze Winner in Decaf

Yes, you can get 100% Kona Coffee Decaf! We use the CO2 method to decaffeinate our beans. We then roast them medium-dark. This process means you will savor all the pure flavors of Kona coffee with every steamy cup you brew.

  • Award Winning Roast — Golden Bean North America 2016 Bronze
  • 100% Kona
  • Medium-Dark Roast
  • No Chemicals so no altered taste or odor
  • Rich and Smooth Flavor
  • Deep Finish
  • Ground or Whole Bean
  • CO2 Decaffeination Method

What Makes Our Decaf Superior in Taste?

First, like all of our coffees, we start with green beans from Kona’s highest quality coffee farms. Then there’s our decaf method — Carbon Dioxide (CO2) which keeps the coffee bean oils intact. Over several hours contained with heat and pressure, the CO2 passes through the coffee beans which causes the molecules to become mobile. Extraction removes some of the caffeine molecules along with the CO2.

The aroma and taste that you find irresistible with every cup come from the bean’s oils. Other decaffeination methods use unhealthy chemical solvents, or soaking and filtering – both of which remove much of the oils, leaving behind an artificial or flat taste. By using CO2, we preserve the quality of the coffee and provide you with a heavenly cup.

For full strength try 100% Kona Coffee Medium Roast or 100% Kona Coffee Dark Roast.

Makua Coffee Company Medal Winners at the Golden Bean, North American Roasters Competition

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Weight.5 lbs

5 pound bag ($220), 8 ounce bag ($23), 1 pound bag ($45)


Ground, Whole Bean


  1. robinandcurtis.clark

    Since moving to the Big Island I’ve been searching for a locally grown Kona Decaf. Finally I’ve found it! Delicious. I was concerned that the Medium-Dark roast would be too bitter for my liking, but there is no bitterness and just an excellent rich taste that is indistinguishable from non-Decaf.

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